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Hiring "Lobster on Wheels" for Your Event? Where to Start:

General Comment:  Below is a general chain of events that need to happen to get your party off the ground on the right foot so you can relax on party day while we do all the work .    Pardon what might appear to be an "attitude" here, but let's get right to the point:  If you're hiring me, then I have a job to do! My goal is to get the job done properly, professionally, safely and competently....without any of the games.     

Although I am certainly able to slam an event together on short notice, it's not desirable, and it reflects greatly on the quality of service.  It forces simplistic menus.   Stresses run high.   Additional costs and larger tips are a result.   I don't like to operate last-minute style. Things don't come together so well.   It also makes my operation look bad.   So the earlier we can get into the planning stages, the better for both of us.  

Communication (and lots of it) makes your event work.   My crystal ball is in for repair and try as I might, I can't read your mind.    I need to know what your situation is and what you expect, and you need to understand mine.   

STEP NUMBER ONE (As Soon as Possible):  Give me a phone call to see if the event is even possible. Call me at (250)-415-9628 from 8 am until 8pm weekdays or weekend. Give me the date(s) the location, the headcount, the facilities where the event will take place (beach, park, back yard etc.) and a description of the event (menu, theme, budget constraints etc). I might need a couple of days to check calendars, manpower, and resources before I can commit. Essentially, a Yes, or a No, needs to happen as early as possible for you and your planning.    

1.  Date Selection:   Have a potential date in mind, and several alternative dates. Get penciled in on my calendar. My schedule is planned at least 4 months in advance. If the date is not open and you are not able to select an alternative, there is little purpose in proceeding any further. If I can't take the job, you'll need to find another cater ASAP (as with any catering service, you need to book them far in advance).   

2.  Estimated headcount. I need to know if the headcount is greater or smaller than my resources can handle! A general estimate is ok at this time.  The actual headcount which costs will be based upon will be established at a later time.   

3.  Describe Nature of the Event/Location/Facilities/Budget/Menu.   Are there any special concerns I should know about or is there a potential problem that I should consider?  These seemingly small issues can be an amazing hurdle if not considered up front. I would also like to know the level of fanciness you expect. It's possible that I might not be the right guy for the job. If I'm not the guy, perhaps I can point you in the right direction.  (You have to book other caterers early).

All of this is just "talk".   I'll pencil the date in, and hold it open for you for 5 days or so...but now it's time to get serious.  Read on.

STEP NUMBER TWO (Shortly Thereafter):    

4. Deposit:   $200.00 will hold the day open. If this deposit is not made, then the date will remain available for other potentially paying jobs. This deposit is refundable up to 30 calendar days before the event. If the party proceeds as planned, the deposit will be placed towards the party.    If you decide to postpone or cancel your party within those 30 days, you will surrender your deposit.   

5. Menu Selection (Tentative).   More serious discussions surround the menu selection.   We can discuss your budget.   (Do you have a maximum dollar amount in mind that you're willing to spend per person?) If possible, I would like to meet face to face at the proposed event site!   If you haven't already done so, Check out the website: www.lobsteronwheels.com for our online party planner and a look at some of the pictures, to get an better idea of my services.    

6. Proposal:  I sometimes (but not always) provide you with a written proposal for your party.   (This might be done verbally too).

7. Get your act together! Make the party happen. Get your invitations out ASAP. Make your phone calls. Pull together the crowd. Get any necessary permits and permissions necessary. Make alternative rain plans. DO YOUR JOB AS HOST. I can't do this for you.


8. Develop & Finalize the Menu: The menu is the key to a successful party as far as I'm concerned.   In the weeks before the party, we can build a menu together, change it and adjust headcounts as necessary. I like all changes to be finalized one week before the party as we have to place our orders for the live lobster and other menu items.

9. Contract:  Depending on the event, I will prepare a contract, which will include the menu, the costs, and some particulars about the event. We'll both sign it. This will include an annoyingly long document that will describe the things I expect from the host, "Changes /Postponement Cancellation" clauses, as well as other things that we should have an understanding about.  Even though it's long, I need you to really read and understand this document.  Let's avoid misunderstandings and surprises.

10.  Site Survey: I asked to meet you at the event location so we can get a feeling for set-up facilities and any other unusual issues that may pop up. Pictures, maps, and accurate directions are very helpful.   


11. Payment:   I WILL NOT draw upon personal finances to run your party. Payments in full are desired long before the event. I will accept this payment structure: Your $200 deposit first.  50% of the total payment 14 calendar days before the party. Payment #2, the remaining 50% (plus any adjustments minus the deposit) is due 7 business days to the party date. It takes me one full week to shop for your party. Late Payments will halt operations.  In extreme cases, you may force me to cancel. I will not be placed in the position of frantically prepping and shopping for your party in one or two days nor will I be expected to look after the live lobster that were ordered for your party. We have a short window to prepare this food and as mentioned at the start of this section, proper communication should avoid anything at this late stage of your party.

I I am sure that you get the idea as well as a bit of insight on how to work with me. If you're serious about the party, then I'll guide you through this (and all the rest of it) and everything will fall into place. If you're not serious about your own party, it will become very obvious, and I will be protected.   

Call The domain name and web site are for sale Call me at (250) 415-96289 to discuss this further.  Thanks.  
David Byers